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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, people need trustworthy information to keep their communities safe. Free Press' News Voices team created a guide to help you reach out to five community members and find out what they need to stay informed.

Get involved: Download our Information Phone Tree. When you're finished you can submit folks' responses via our online form. We'll use the info to ensure your local-news outlets provide coverage that keeps you and your neighbors up to date.

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The coronavirus pandemic means that people need quality information more than ever — and we also need each other.

In the same way that we’re engaging in mutual aid by grabbing groceries or supplies for neighbors, we can also help keep folks informed.

Get involved: Fight the pandemic with people power by starting an information phone tree in your community (download PDF).

Download the Phone Tree

Download the Phone Tree

Created by Free Press’ News Voices team, this worksheet guides you through contacting five folks in your community and asking them a series of questions about what information they need to stay safe, healthy, and connected.

Once you’re done, you’ll submit their responses via our online form. Then we’ll work with local journalists and organizers to make sure the questions get answered through news coverage and other important sources so the entire community can benefit.

Let’s make sure our communities get the information needed to stay safe: Download the Information Phone Tree now.

Misinformation is making it hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. And for those who can’t get online, access to critical information is limited and feelings of isolation are real. Let’s band together to make sure quality information gets into the community — and decision-makers and local journalists respond to our needs.

All you need is a telephone or internet connection. Start the phone tree in your community now and help make a difference.

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P.S. Help your neighbors stay safe and informed during the COVID-19 crisis: Start an Information Phone Tree by following our guide to help newsrooms serve your community. Then submit your responses via our online form.

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