More Megaphones. Less Rush.

Outraged about Rush Limbaugh? You're not alone. His repulsive comments about a female law student ignited a furor among millions of people and prompted more than 45 advertisers to withdraw their support for his show. 

But the loss of this advertising money does nothing to challenge the media structure that handed Limbaugh a national megaphone. Years of bad media policies have completely altered the radio landscape in the U.S., giving a nationwide platform to chauvinists like Limbaugh and shoving diverse voices off the air. People of color own just 7.7 percent of our country's full-power radio stations. And women — Limbaugh's favorite target — own just 6 percent of all broadcast outlets. 

The Free Press Action Fund needs your help to push for the kinds of changes that will make our public airwaves a true reflection of our diverse population — and not the sole domain of Limbaugh and a few conglomerates.

With your support, we'll organize activists across the country to demand that the FCC give a voice on the air to all people — and that it put a brake on the media consolidation that got us into this mess in the first place. 

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